White Fir Essential Oil

White Fir Essential Oil

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Product Efficacy

The White Fir Essential Oil is used for sterilization, can be anti-rheumatic, improves respiratory tract and urinary tract, detoxifies the liver, is an expectorant, defies cholecystitis, helps gallbladder, deodorizes, is diuretic, anthelmintic, treats prostatitis, redness, stimulation, phlegm, strengthens the respiratory, reproductive and nervous system, reduces Shu Jiefeng wet joint pain, promotes wound healing, relieves stress, calms nerves, and pacifies. 

The oil comes from the Fir Tree. It has the effect of relieving muscle pain.

Emotional Effect

The White Fir Essential Oil is very well known for being emotionally helpful for a person. The oil can reduce self-criticism, feelings from tragedies, feeling of excessive responsibility, and guilt. It will make you feel more confident and self-assured, and stop criticizing yourself. Its refreshing scent will bring out a positive energy and vibe. It can be an effective anti-depressant as it reduces the feelings of depression and loneliness.

Psychological Effect

The oil can reduce the feeling of loneliness and depression of a person, and can add self-confidence. It makes one feel self-assured and confident, as opposed to feeling sorry for himself. The scent helps in conditioning the mind to think positively and steer clear of negative thoughts especially about oneself.

Skin Effect

It can help close large pores and fight oily skin. It will improve the quality and texture of the skin, and brighten it up. It will also prevent acne and other blemishes at it closes large pores on the face. The skin will be much smoother and brighter after application of the oil.

Physical Effects

Aside from emotional, psychological, skin, and other effects, the White Fir Essential Oil also treats asthma, bronchitis, and other lung diseases, as well as gastrointestinal discomfort, especially for patients with intestinal colic and spastic colitis. It also treats the phenomenon of gum inflammation.

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