Violet Essential Oil
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Violet Essential Oil

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Main Effect

The aromatherapy violet essential oil can be an effective antibacterial, aphrodisiac, diuretic, can treat cough, phlegm, and vomiting. It can also be a laxative and treat diseases of the chest. It is also known to be a calming oil.


Psychic Effect

It can help overcome insomnia, anxiety, anger, and other negative feelings. Many friendships have been reconstructed because of the violet oil. The oil does not only soothe the body, it also helps soothe the mind.


Body Effect

The violet can help the kidneys in purifying the urine. It’s also helpful in curing cystitis, and lower back pain. It also helps remove jaundice and migraine. It is also good for the respiratory tract, and to allergies. It also helps treat shortness of breath and sore throat, hoarseness and pleurisy, phlegm, and mucus. It also treats headache and dizziness. The oil can also be handy in case of epilepsy problems and seizures.


It is also a very strong aphrodisiac and is very beneficial to sexual disorders. The oil is quite famous for restoring sexual functions. It can also help in some symptoms during menopause, such as irritability, facial flushing, etc. It can also relieve rheumatism pain, fibrous tumor, and gout.


Skin Effect

It is a strong antibacterial agent, and is beneficial for healing wounds, skin bruises, swelling, inflammation, and obstruction of the skin. It can also improve cracked nipples.


It can brighten the skin and make you feel refreshed. It can help clean pores and remove blackheads on the face.


It can be applied to all types of skin, whether dry or moisturized. It can help improve the moisture and texture of the skin to make it smoother.


Other Usage

It can also be used for massages and for aromatherapy, as it is soothing for the skin and body.

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