Rose Hip Essential Oil for Skin Care

Rose Hip Essential Oil

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Rosehip oil comes from a special variety of roses. These specific roses are grown in Chile and some parts of Europe. The seeds of these roses are filled with vitamins and antioixdants. 
Because of the vitamins in these seeds, Rosehip oil is used for many different ailments. One of these is to keep the skin looking healthy and young. Even celebrities have started to use Rosehip oil on their skin.
Extraction Process
Extracting Rosehip oil from the seeds is how it gets its aroma and light color. It can be cold pressed, chemical extractions, and super-critical extraction.
Rosehip oil is not like many other oils. It comes from a very special seed that belongs to the roses that grow in Chile. Many researchers have found that there are mentions of Rosehip oil in the written texts of the ancient Egyptians. Some say that they used it as ways of healing their own skin.
Along with the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Romans also used Rosehip oil in their ceremonies and for healing. They would use it to heal the wounds that they got when they were in war. The ancient Chinese also used it in their healing processes and for muscle and joint cramps and aches. In the 1980's,  Rosehip oil started to be used in lotions and cremes for skin problems and premature again. 
Blends Well With
Sweet Orange
If you are using Rosehip oil for the first time on your skin, do a small patch test in order to check for any sensitivities you may have to the oil. 
Benefits and Uses
      • It has excellent skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning properties. It has been used years ago in Chile for healing the skin and the hair.
      • The oil has natural vitamins and nutrients, which means it can be used both externally and internally through oral ingestion.
      • When massaged onto the hair, the Rose Hip Essential Oil is an effective treatment for dry hair. The then dry hair will be soft and revitalized.
      • It has essential fatty acids, which means that the oil can fight signs of aging. Cracked skin and wrinkles can be cured through the oil by nourishing and rehydrating it.
      • The oil can also add shine to your hair. It is also excellent for adding bounce and life to the hair. Dull hair can be brought back to life using this oil.
      • The Rose Hip Essential Oil can be a good moisturizer for the skin. A small drop of Rose Hip Essential Oil mixed with water is going to do the trick.
      • The oil can also be effective in removing stretch marks, age spots, burns, and scars.
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