Neem Essential Oil

Neem Essential Oil

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Neem is a tropical tree that originated from India, but it now grows in many Asian and Western tropical countries. It has a strong pungent smell of onions and garlic. There are different types of India Neem Oil, and they all vary in quality.

It is commonly cultivated in many home gardens in India, especially in earlier days when it was the norm for families to have a lot of children. This was because the neem tree could suffice for all of a family’s medical needs. 

  • It can condition your skin, especially the usually dry parts such as the face, hands, and feet. However, it should not be mixed with water because it is hydrophobic in nature. It resists getting washed off.
  • It is anti-inflammatory, which means it can help reduce acne and all the bad things that come with it.
  • It can reduce skin pigmentation. Neem oil, with regular use, can lighten areas of hyper pigmentation by down regulating melanin production.
  • It can be used as an antiseptic. It is usually an ingredient of many antiseptic mouthwash liquids, toothpastes, and soaps.
  • Neem Oil can be used to treat minor bruises and cuts on the skin to prevent infections from setting in.
  • It can control mildew and mold in your home.
  • It can get rid of hair and body lice.


  • Because of the potency of neem oil, application of the oil can irritate the skin and may be quite stinky. You can dilute it with coconut oil and add in a few drops of lavender or lemon oil to make it more tolerable for your skin and for your nose.
  • Check for sensitivity with your trusted health care professional before applying neem oil directly on your skin, or using the neem oil in any way. The Neem Essential Oil is very strong and should be used with care.
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