Natural Angelica Oil

Natural Angelica Oil

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Extraction of the Angelica Essential Oil

The essential oil is obtained through steam distillation of the Angelic’s whole herb, seeds, and rhizome or root nodules.


Components of the Angelica Essential Oil

It has a lot of medicinal properties, that can be attributed to its constituents: tridecanolide, terpinenol, terpinolene, trans ocimene, rho cymenol, para cymene, pentadecanolide, myrcene, limonene, humulene oxide, cis ocimene, cryptone, copaene, beta pinene, camphene, and alpha pinene, to name a few.


Benefits and Uses of the Angelica Essential Oil

  • The oil is anti-spasmodic, which means it can help prevent spasms, which are involuntary and unpredictable contractions in the respiratory tracts, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and internal organs. This property of the essential oil can prevent coughs, cramps, obstructed blood circulations, aches in the stomach and chest, convulsions, and other symptoms.
  • The oil is a natural diuretic, which means it promotes more frequent urination, with increased quantity as well.
  • The oil can relax the body, the mind, and the nervous system. It can help alleviate shock, anger, anxiety, hypertension, and even depression.
  • The oil can be an effective oil in healing the stomach and maintaining it in good shape by maintaining the proper balance of bile and acids and by protecting it from infections. It can also help heal wounds and ulcers inside the stomach.
  • The Essential Oil of Angelica can also clear out the phlegm accumulation in the respiratory tracts, and fight the infections that cause colds.



  • The Angelica Essential Oil should not be used by pregnant and nursing women unless otherwise advised by a health care professional.
  • It should be avoided by diabetic persons.
  • The oil can cause sin irritation when used in excess.
  • If used excessively, the oil can cause excessive stimulation or the nervous system’s hyperactivity.
  • Keep out of reach from children as they may excessively intake the oil.
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