Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa Essential Oil

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The Melissa Essential Oil is known worldwide as the “Sweet Oil” or the “Common Oil”. This is because it is used almost everywhere, in all sorts of balms, because it has a soothing property while having a sweet and pleasant aroma. It is also sometimes called Lemon Balm.


Extraction of Melissa Essential Oil

Through steam distillation, the oil is extracted from the fresh buds, twigs, and leaves of Melissa, or its scientific name, Melissa Officinalis.


Components of Melissa Essential Oil

The chief components of the Melissa Essential Oil are Geraniol, Nerol, Gamma Cadinene, Delta Cadinene, Neral, Alpha Humulene, Copaene, Octenol, Octanol, Cix Hexenol, Methyl Hepenone, Beta Bourbonene, Linalool, Octanone, Cis Ocimene, Geranyl Acetate, Geranial, Germacrene, Caryophyllene, Citronellal, and Trans Ocimene.


Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

  • It is an effective antidepressant. Back in the 15th century, people called it the “Elixir of Life” or the “Nectar of Life” because it brings inspiration and hope to the people who smell it. It takes away sadness and lifts one’s mood instantly.
  • The oil can act as a tonic for the nervous system to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Melissa Essential Oil can treat problems like vertigo, nervousness, and convulsions.
  • It is antibacterial, which means it is effective for inhibiting bacterial infections in the colon, intestines, kidneys, and the urinary tract.
  • It is a natural tonic, which means it can overall be beneficial for your body. It makes sure that all your system and its parts function properly. It can boost your immune system and can add overall strength.
  • Menstruation and all the ugly things that come with it can be treated with the help of Melissa Essential Oil. The oil can make the cycle become regular, and can reduce pain, fatigue, annoyance, and depression after menopause.



Pregnant women should avoid using the oil.

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