Camellia Oil for Smooth Skin and Hair

Camellia Oil for Smooth Skin and Hair

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Camellia oil contains very high levels of antioxidants. These can help the hair and skin to rejuvenate and revitalize. 

The oil helps to protect the skin from free radicals and helps your skin to get rid of the signs of aging such a fine lines and wrinkles. 

Extraction Process

The oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Camellia plant and then refined.


This oil is also known as tea seed oil. It comes from the plant which all of the tea is made. Many people also refer to it as green tea oil. 


This oil has been a part of the geisha history. The flower blooms in winer and the geisha would harvest it to use on their hair. It helped to keep it soft and beautiful. They would also use the oil to help them take off their makeup and nourish their skin.

Blends Well With







It is always a good idea to do a skin patch test to ensure that you do not have a skin sensitivity to the oil. 










Benefits and Uses

  • Women in China usually use the oil as a moisturizer for the skin because it has high omega-9 content. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin just like olive oil. It can be used in treating rough skin, as a nail softener, as a make up remover, and for removing acne.
  • The oil can be used to make hair conditioned. It detangles the hair and makes it easy to style.
  • It can boost the functioning of the immune system, and further eliminate all kinds of diseases and infections.
  • It can prevent and treat cancer, especially three types of cancer: colon cancer, uterus cancer, and breast cancer.


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