Cactus Seeds Essential Oil

Cactus Seeds Essential Oil

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Beauty Care

Cactus Seeds Oil has a lot of fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamin E, and phenolic compounds. Research shows that fatty acids in the human body are good for hydration. Application of linoleic acid can fight skin inflammation, reduce acne, and moisturize. The cactus seeds oil is also effective in improving overall hair quality, including treatment of dry hair, hair loss, and wound healing for the skin. The plant can help soften the skin, stimulate the skin to open up pores, and restore the natural lipid barrier. They are also full of antioxidants which do not only delay skin aging, but also extend the time of other antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C. The oil can help remove wrinkles and freckles. 

The oil can easily be absorbed by the skin to make it supple and shiny. It effectively restores and maintains skin moisture to repair dry and rough skin.

It can also increase hair nutrition as it is rich in vitamin E. It can repair dry scalp and reduce dandruff. It is also rich in omega-6, which can provide support to the hair. It can repair damaged hair and hair follicles. It can also prevent hair curling. 

Some people tend to shy their hair away from oils because oils can make the hair very greasy, but the cactus seeds oil doesn’t, because it can be absorbed very easily by the hair and scalp. 

Medical Effect

Traditionally, cactus seeds oil is used to protect the liver and improve blood circulation. It is a very good tonic and can be used as an aphrodisiac, so it stimulates sexual desire. It can also enhance the body’s resistance, as it contains rare plant species. It also affects cell mobility, so it prevents diseases of the skin, nose, lungs, and the digestive system. IT also prevents brain drain. It also acts on the prostaglandin, and reduces pain and swelling.

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