Apple Essential Oil
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Natural Apple Essential Oil

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Apple Essential Oil has a strong skin effect but should not be allowed to be directly smeared onto the skin because of its high purity. It’s usually mixed in with water for it to work effectively.


Green apple oil has a very unique scent, with oxygen sterilization and a deodorization function. It has a fresh sweet fragrance that is very refreshing, fruit, and natural. It can also prevent headache using its fragrance. Since the fragrance is very fruity and natural, headaches can be prevented and treated using the apple oil. It allows for better and a more comfortable sleep.


Aside from its effects on the body and the environment, the main function of the apple is for bowel movement. It can secrete organic acid to regulate the intestines peristalsis to improve metabolism. It can also improve appetite and can help lower cholesterol metabolism.


Apple is rich in vitamins A, B, and C, which means it is effective in skin whitening. The skin will have a natural glow after having been washed with apple oil and water. It can be quickly absorbed the body, and will leave you smelling better as it leaves a very fruity scent that your body will soon release. It will leave you feeling and smelling fresh.


It can also help the gastrointestinal function, bring in a stable mood, help you sleep better, prevent constipation, diarrhea, and spreen deficiency.


Usage Methods

  • For incense – Drop 3 to 5 drops of Apple Oil to the incense water to achieve a sedative and stable mood. This can help eliminate depression and promote a deeper and better sleep.
  • Hypnosis – Drop apple oil on the cotton balls in your pillow. This has a good hypnotic effect and improves the quality of sleep. It is also a good anti-depressant and can make you sleep more quickly.
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