Aromatherapist? Join our consulting team and profit

Join our consulting team and get regular consulting clients + commissions on every sale that is made with your special code on our product catalog.

How does it work?

1. You register to our system and we will start sending clients that want Aromatherapy consulting to your way. ( we split the profit 50-50 between us). The meetings will be on skype or by phone.

2. You get a special discount code that you will give to your clients. 10% OFF discount code and you will get a commission of 10% out of every sale that will be made with this code.

3. In the end of each month, we will send you your commissions and payment for the consulting sessions that you have made. 

We pay our team on a monthly basis and we track every meeting or sale that you have made.

If you will have any question about how things work please contact us via email and if you already ready to register please fill the form below: 

Important Note: by signing in to our consulting team you agree to only recommend on our products and not your products or others to the clients that we will send you.