Candle Oil Diffusers

A candle oil diffuser sends mood-lifting and therapeutic fragrances into the air. There are a few different candle oil diffusers you can choose from. A ceramic oil diffuser looks like a small urn. A diffuser works by heating the oil until it vaporizes. When you use a candle oil diffuser you have to select the appropriate essential oil. Then you get a steel framed candle oil diffuser. These diffusers are mainly used to fragrance your home, but, it does not really matter which kind of candle oil diffuser you use for what. 

Terra-cotta diffusers release a nice authentic scent. But once the essential oils are put in the container, they evaporate continuously, and there’s no way to stop the diffusion. Most candle oil diffusers heat source is a small candle that sits at the bottom of the urn below a shallow dish, which holds the aromatherapy or essential oil.

To set up your oil diffuser takes just a few minutes. You place the small candle, preferably a tea light candle, at the bottom of your diffuser, underneath where you place the shallow small bowl, if it isn’t a fixed unit. Then carefully light the candle. Next you pour about 50 ml of clean water into the shallow bowl and place it gently on the bowl holder on top of the candle. Then you drop 2 to 4 drops of your needed essential oil. 

Enjoy the chosen aroma. It is important to check the water level as burnt essential oil could really damage your sense of smell. You need to be as careful with using a candle diffuser. You also need to keep replacement candles on hand. The advantages of candle diffusers are, they are usually less pricy than nebulizing diffusers and candle diffusers do not require electricity or batteries.