Essential Oil Diffusers

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Do you hate the feeling of having dry air in your room? Aside from the icky feeling it gives, this may also damage your skin. These humidifier and essential oil diffusers can help relax your mind and body and can make the dry air humid and damp. It also looks really nice that it can add a little spice to your room!

It also has very low noise, which means it will not disturb you in your sleep or rest. It can also be very effective in isolating the dust particles of your computer or laptop. Most importantly, it's portable - its design makes it very convenient for you to carry anywhere you want. So if you're thinking about get one of our essential oil diffusers don't think too much , we have the largest collection online.

How Diffusers Work

Diffusers are one of the best ways to get your favorite scents into the air. They help to break down the different molecules in the oils. You are able to breathe in these molecules to get the full benefits of the essentials oils that you love.

There are so many benefits that we get when we diffuse essential oils. That is why many people choose to have diffusers in their homes, office, and cars.

There are four major types of essential oil diffusers that you can use in your home, office, or your car. Keep in mind the car diffusers may vary because they are portable.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

These diffusers use ultrasonic waves and water when they are diffusing essential oils. The result is a mist that is put into the air.

There are specific instructions when using one these diffusers. You must use clean tap water in the diffuser and it must be room temperature. Your diffuser will have specific instructions on the amount of water to be used in its tank.

Add about 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oils or blends to the water. Close your diffuser and you will be ready to turn it on.

Blends and Recipes

There are many types of diffuser blends. Here are a few of the recipes that we like the best!

Study Date Blend

4 drops peppermint

4 drops cinnamon

2 drop rosemary

Student Date Blend #2

3 drops rosemary

3 drops frankincense

3 drops peppermint

Bye Bye Stress

4 drops lavender

3 drops clary sage

2 drops ylang ylang

1 drop marjoram

Stress Be Gone

3 drops lavender

2 drops roman chamomile

2 drops ylang ylang 

Later Stress

3 drop bergamot

3 drop patchouli

3 drop ylang ylang

Time to Focus

2 drops peppermint

2 drops cinnamon

1 drop Rosemary  

Feeling Sad

1 drop of Rose

1 drop of Orange

3 drops of Sandalwood

Still Sad

3 drops of Bergamot

2 drops of Clary Sage


8 drops of Sandalwood

4 drops of Bergamot

4 drops of Rose

2 drops of Orange

Anger Me Not

3 drops of Orange

2 drops of Patchouli

Alert Alert

2 drops of cinnamon bark

2 drops of Rosemary

2 drops of orange

Super Energetic

3 drops of Wintergreen

3 drops of Peppermint

No More Yawns

4 drops of Lemon

2 drops of Basil

1 drop of Spearmint

Fruit Fusion

2 drops of Lemongrass

2 drops of Bergamot

2 drops of Grapefruit

Morning Vibes

2 drops of Orange

2 drops of Lemongrass

2 drops of Peppermint

Adventure Time

4 drops of Tangerine

2 drops of Nutmeg

Benefits of Diffusers

When you have an essential oil in your home, you will reap all of its benefits! First and foremost, having a diffuser can help eradicate any foul odors in your home. They can also help to remove airborne pathogens from the air.

Diffusers can relax your mind and body when you use the right oils. They can help you to relieve your stress and tension. Your mind and body will be calm and you will feel the bad day wearing off instantly. Your mind will be cleansed and you can start your day or night all over again. All it takes is to breathe in the amazing oils.

Different oils can help you to concentrate much better and can help to strengthen your immune system. All you need is to diffuse these oils in your home, office, or car.

Pain relief is yet another reason that people use essential oils in their diffusers. There are many oils that, when inhaled, can help to relieve pain and discomfort.

When you are inhaling the wonderful scents that you love, keep in mind that there are some that can help you to breathe much easier. Many diffuser users love the fact that diffusers can help to open your sinuses right up during cold and flu season.

Do you need your cognitive functions to start moving a lot quicker? There are special oils such as lemon, pine, and peppermint that can help! When these oils are diffused, your brain will start to feel ready to take on the world! You will feel that you are now able to do anything with their help!

Why Do You Need A Diffuser?

The benefits of diffusers just keep adding up! Diffusers are such a great way to reap the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. They are incredibly handy and can be used practically anywhere! Here are even more reasons that you should have one in your home, office, or car.

Relaxing and Relief of Insomnia

Many of us battle insomnia and stress. There are many essential oils that can help you to calm your mind and body. If you want to relax after a long day, this is the best way. Chamomile, Lavender, and Clary Sage are the best essential oils to help you relax and unwind. Also, have a cup of chamomile tea to take the edge off even more.

Elevating Your Mood

To put yourself in a much better place, you can diffuse oils in your home. If you have work to catch up on or housework, diffusing your favorite mood lifting oils can make your whole outlook much better. Try these oils for the perfect mood boost: Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, and Vanilla.

Wards Off Insects

We all know how annoying bugs can be. There are months where the flies and mosquitoes just seem to stay around. This is another reason that it is a great idea to have a diffuser in your home. Insects are not big fans of the following scents: clove, lemongrass, cedarwood, and rosemary.

Safer than Candles

Diffusing essential oils is much safer than a lot of the candles on the market today. Some candles can emit toxins into your home and can hurt your body in the long run, especially if you burn them quite often. There are chemicals in candles such as benzene, which can harm your lungs and brain over time. When you are diffusing pure essential oils, you can be worry free about these chemicals. There is also no fire risk when it comes to diffusing essential oils in your home or office.


Relieves Snoring

Are there some snoring problems in your home? Why not try diffusing essential oils? It has been proven that certain essential oils can help to fight off annoying snoring. Whether it is you or your partner, you may be able to find some relief and quick! Diffuse these oils to help the snoring cease: Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Tea Tree, or Marjoram.