Sunflower Seed Essential Oil for Anti-Aging

Sunflower Seed Essential Oil for Anti-Aging

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Sunflower oil improves skin clarity and moisturizes dry skin: It’s rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, good for fighting off free radicals. It can also help to get rid of those early wrinkles.

Sunflower seeds and their oil are full of antioxidants, like vitamin E and tocopherols, that help fight off free radicals. This, in turn, allows your immune system to function as it’s supposed to, supporting your overall health and improving your ability to fight off colds and other illnesses. Sunflower seed oil is high in healthy, unsaturated fats which support your body’s energy production.

Extraction Process

Sunflower seed oil is extracted from the seeds by the cold and hot process. Both methods give us the oil that we can use to cook with and as a carrier oil.


Some of the largest suppliers of sunflower seed oil are the Ukraine and Russia. It has been used in Eastern European cooking and healing for hundreds of years. 


 Sunflowers have been one of the most loved flowers in the world. It is native to America, but sunflowers were brought to Russia hundreds of years ago. The Native Americans were some of the first people to plant and use the flower and seeds. Some have shown records from 3000 B.C. where Native Americans used the sunflowers in rituals, cooking, and healing. The plant was taken to Spain in the 1500's and the Spanish explorers began to use it for food and healing. 

Blends Well With



Almond Oil


It is always advised to use caution when you are using a new oil on your skin and your hair. You should do a small patch test to see if you have any sensitivity to the oil. 

Benefits and Uses

 Sunflower seed oil helps to prevent arthritis. When it is applied on the joints and bones, you will start to feel some relief from your pain. By using it daily, the pain will get better and better until you stop feeling it all together. 

Sunflower seed oil can also help to lower your cholesterol. There are saturated fats in the oil that will help to break down the bad cholesterol in your body. It helps to get rid of the bad fats in your body as well. 

Sunflower seed oil can help to fight off colds and flu symptoms. You can do a steam inhalation with sunflower oil and peppermint to make your sinuses open up more when you are sick with a cold. 

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