Peach Kernel Oil for Soft Skin

Peach Kernel Oil for Soft Skin

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It is for all skin types, also for dry/flaky/ chapped/ cracked, sensitive and mature skin types. Peach Kernel oil  helps damaged skin like acne, psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, stretch marks, burns, cuts, scars, and cellulite. 

Due to its rapid absorption, it is especially well suited for use in facial, lip, body, hair care and massage products. Peach Kernel Oil is one of the lightest oils available. It is a highly penetrating emollient oil, absorbs easily into the skin, so it makes a good massage oil.


Peach Kernel oil is made from the cold pressing technique. The pit of the peach is crushed under thousands of pounds of intense pressure. The oil is squeezed out during this process. It is then collected and filtered. This process is a guaranteed way to keep 100% of the nutritional benefits and properties if the peach. 


Peaches originally came from China. It was written in their mythology that they were a large part of the healing process. Peaches were thought to reverse the signs of aging and give immortality.


In the 16th century, peaches were brought over to the New World by the Spanish. When they discovered them, they loved their sweet flavor and aroma.

 Blends Well With

Tea Tree Oil

Peppermint Oil



Argan Oil



With all essential oils and carrier oils, it is important to do a patch test on your skin to check for sensitivity. Although this oil does come from peaches, it is best not to ingest it. It can cause severe headaches and even vomiting. 

Benefits and Uses

Peach Kernel oil is used in many different skin and hair care products. Many lip balms and shampoos contain peach kernel oil. Peach kernel oil helps to eliminate toxins in your skin and help to remove free radicals from your skin. This is what causes early signs of aging. Because peach kernel oil is an emollient, it keeps your skin from being flaky and dry. 

Peach kernel oil helps to clean out your pores and keep your skin clean and healthy. It helps to make your skin feel clean and rejuvenated. 


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