Kukui Nut Oil for Dry Skin

Kukui Nut Oil for Dry Skin

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Kukui nut oil has many notable benefits and uses, such as moisturizing the skin, preventing wrinkles and crow’s feet, soothing muscle aches and pains, protecting the immune system, eliminating inflammation, strengthening the hair, preventing dandruff, speeding wound healing and neutralizing free radical damage, among others.

Dry, cracked skin of the hands and other parts of the body is not only painful, but a perfect breeding ground for infection. If you regularly work with your hands, or are often exposed to the elements, applying a sheen of kukui nut oil can prevent easy breakage of the skin, and promote the growth of new cells.

Extraction Process

Kukui Nut oil is extracted using the cold pressed extraction method.


Kukui Nut oil comes from the Candlenut tree that grows in Hawaii and South East Asia. The nut is a little smaller than a walnut. It has been used for hundreds of years in many cultures as a lamp oil, cooking oil, and as an emollient for cosmetic purposes.


This tree has such a spiritual significance for the people of Hawaii. It is the state tree of Hawaii. Chiefs of the tribes and islands here would wear the nut to symbolize their social status. It is said to give them great power.

The oil has been used on boats and canoes to make them waterproof. In 1896, rubbing the oil on surfboards became a ritual of many of the surfers in Hawaii. 

Blends Well With


Tea Tree


Clary Sage


When using new oils, always check with your doctor about ingestion. Always do a skin patch test in order to check your skin's sensitivity to the oil.

Benefits and Uses

Kukui Nut oil has many benefits for the hair and skin. When your skin is dry and cracking, using this oil as a moisturizer can help. It can keep your skin from cracking and keep the moisture in. It also can help to heal insect bites, cuts, bruises, scrapes, and burns. 

This oil can help your skin to look young and beautiful again by getting rid of those signs of aging like fine lines and age spots. 

If you are trying to get rid of stretch marks, Kukui Nut oil can help to leave your skin smooth and supple after a few uses.

If you need some relief from a dry and itchy scalp with dandruff, adding this oil to your shower routine can help with that. 

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