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Dina Kelstain
Dina Kelstain
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Amazing and the oils are great! I will come back here for sure.

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Brani Resconer
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Carmaya brings knowledge and not only great oils , that's why I love their store. 

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Wan Grey
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The Gardenia oil that i've got is amazing! and the prices are totally affordable. Will buy again for sure. 

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Ylang, Violet, Clove, and Lemon Grass Essential Oil Pack

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Ylang, Violet, Clove, and Lemon Grass Essential Oil Pack

Regular price $67.50 $33.75 Sale

Benefits of the Ylang Essential Oil

  • Ylang ylang essential oil can be used for maintaining the skin and hair. It can make the hair shinier, and eliminate dry skin. It can also heal wounds, cuts, abrasions, and burns easily, since it is an antiseptic. The oil can also protect your wounds from infections from bacteria, virus, and fungus.
  • It can be used as a uterine tonic, and after giving birth caesarean. It gives a warm feeling. It helps to maintain a strong chest. It also helps in preventing frigidity and impotence. It is also effective for rapid breathing, and can reduce hyper tension. All in all, it has a very relaxing effect.
  • It can help reduce depression and bring confidence. It can make people happy through secretion of adrenaline. It can relieve anger, anxiety, panic, fear, and shock. It can provide you with a relaxed feeling. It also strengthens the nervous system and repairs any damage it may have suffered. It is also good for people who are suffering from insomnia, fatigue, frigidity, and other stress related conditions.
  • It can keep people inside the bedroom happy. It can give the atmosphere of sexual gratification, and can also give you a good night’s sleep. You can drop 2-3 drops directly on the pillow, or on your bath. It has a very long lasting smell.


Main Effect of Violet Essential Oil

The aromatherapy violet essential oil can be an effective antibacterial, aphrodisiac, diuretic, can treat cough, phlegm, and vomiting. It can also be a laxative and treat diseases of the chest. It is also known to be a calming oil.


Benefits of the Clove Essential Oil

  • The most well known use of clove oil is for oral care. It is very effective in relieving toothache, sore gums, and mouth ulcers. The oil, when gargled, can ease throat pain and irritation.
  • The smell of the clove oil can eliminate bad breath.
  • It is effective in fighting against cavities.
  • It is usually a main ingredient in dental care products such as toothpaste, mouth wash, etc.
  • Sometimes, dentists use the oil with zinc oxide to use as an alternative to a root canal.
  • It can be used as a soothing balm for babies who are teething.
  • It can lessen the signs of aging on the skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • It can rejuvenate the face because it has stimulating properties which can improve blood circulation, making the skin look young and fresh.
  • Clove and clove oil are known to be very effective for boosting the immune system. The antioxidants that can be found in clove essential oil can eliminate dangerous substances from the body, that can cause heart disease or cancer.


Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

  • Because it is analgesic, it naturally reduces pain and inflammation. It can relieve muscle and joint pain, as well as headaches and toothaches resulting from viral infections.
  • Through its scent, it may cure depression in any shape or form. It can lift one’s spirits no matter how bad anything happened to them, because the oil can improve one’s mood and may fight anxiety. It promotes self-esteem and confidence, and boosts your mental strength.
  • It is an astringent, which means that it can stop blood flow by contraction of the blood vessels.
  • It can be used as an efficient deodorant without any side effects. It does no harm to your body and to the environment because it is a hundred percent natural, as compared to using deodorants that are artificial and processed.
  • The oil is a natural diuretic, which means it can increase your urination, both in quantity and in frequency. This releases excess toxins from your body.
  • The most important and most well-known benefit of Lemongrass Oil is its ability to relieve tension and anxiety, and make you sleep better. It can help treat insomnia.


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