Jasmine Rose Hip Essential Oil Repair Skin 30Ml2

Jasmine rose hip essential oil Repair skin Oil 30ml*2

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Health Benefits and Uses of Jasmine Essential Oil

  • Main Effect: It can make one feel new and restored. It also helps in smooth birth delivery for mothers, as it can strengthen the uterine contraction. It also has the effect of relieving postpartum depression, and can also promote the secretion of milk. It promotes blood circulation as well. It can also be used to relieve muscle pain, sprain, and stiff limbs.
  • Physiological Effect: It relieves menstrual pain, uterine spasm, and premenstrual syndrome. It can accelerate production, improve sexual function, increase sperm count, and prevent impotence.
  • Psychological Effect: It can be used as a perfume to release a romantic and beautiful scent. It helps soothes the nerves for emotional comfort and self-confidence. It also promotes emotional stability.


Benefits of Rose Hip Essential Oil

  • It has excellent skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning properties. It has been used years ago in Chile for healing the skin and the hair.
  • The oil has natural vitamins and nutrients, which means it can be used both externally and internally through oral ingestion.
  • When massaged onto the hair, the Rose Hip Essential Oil is an effective treatment for dry hair. The then dry hair will be soft and revitalized.
  • It has essential fatty acids, which means that the oil can fight signs of aging. Cracked skin and wrinkles can be cured through the oil by nourishing and rehydrating it.
  • The oil can also add shine to your hair. It is also excellent for adding bounce and life to the hair. Dull hair can be brought back to life using this oil.
  • The Rose Hip Essential Oil can be a good moisturizer for the skin. A small drop of Rose Hip Essential Oil mixed with water is going to do the trick.
  • The oil can also be effective in removing stretch marks, age spots, burns, and scars.


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