Cherry Blossom, Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine Essential Oil Pack

Cherry Blossom, Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine Essential Oil Pack

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Uses for the Cherry Blossom Essential Oil

  • The oil is one ingredient used for making homemade soaps, body products, and candles. It can also be used for body oils, liquid hand soaps, glycerin bar soaps, body lotions, body butters, hand lotions, home fragrance, creams, the list can go on. The oil can also go on cleaning products to make your house smell a whole lot better. There are a thousand different options that the cherry oil can be added to to make it smell better.
  • It has a fruity and sweet scent, which is excellent for uplifting one’s mood and making it better. Someone who is feeling a little down and troubled can make use of the oil to make their day better. After all, it is very fruity and sweet, and can bring positive energy to the whole room, to the whole house, and even to the person as a whole. Almost everyone can enjoy the scent because of its natural very good fragrance.


Health Benefits of the Rose Essential Oil

  • It is an antidepressant. It can boost your self esteem and self confidence, and can fight depression by giving you mental strength. It can also relieve anxiety and give you feelings of happiness and hope.
  • The rose oil is a natural antiseptic, which means it is a very effective way to treat wounds and prevent infections from going to your body through them.
  • The rose oil is also antiviral, meaning it can give your protection from viruses. It can trick the immune system and prevent viruses from going inside your body.
  • It might be quite obvious, but the rose oil is an aphrodisiac. It can stimulate sexual feelings and can boost the libido.
  • The oil can be used as an alternative deodorant, which can drive away bad odor, that can make you feel refreshed and keep you safe from bacterial infections. It has a floral and sweet smell that can serve as a natural deodorant.
  • The rose essential oil can help keep your brain alert, active, sharp, and cool, that can help take away headaches.


Benefits of the Geranium Essential Oil

The Geranium Essential Oil has a lot of health benefits that many people know.


  • The essential oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which means it can help heal wounds, and keep the wounds from developing infections.
  • The oil can prevent scars from forming, specifically scars from far-cracks, surgeries, boils, pox, or acne. The Geranium Essential Oil is a cheap alternative for expensive surgeries and operations just to remove spots on the skin.
  • The oil is a natural diuretic, which means it can naturally increase the frequency and quantity of your urine. This means that the excess toxins can be removed easily using the Geranium Essential Oil.
  • It has a pleasant and uplifting aroma, so it can be used as an effective deodorant. It is also used for aromatherapy sessions. Its scent is comparable to a combination of mint and floral fragrances.
  • It is very beneficial for treating acne, dermatitis, infections of the nose, throat, and other respiratory organs, and other skin diseases.
  • The oil is proven to boost kidney health and reduce blood pressure.


Main Effect of Jasmine Essential Oil

Its main effect is to restore dry skin.

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