White Camphor Essential Oil

White Camphor Essential Oil for Deodorizing

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White Camphor Oil is extracted from camphor. There are two types of camphor trees that the oil can be extracted from: the Common Camphor tree, with the scientific name Cinnamonum Camphora, or the Borneo Camphor tree, with the scientific name Dryobalanops Camphora. The oil obtained from the two have similar properties, but have slight differences in aroma and concentration of compounds in them.


  • It is an excellent disinfectant, insecticide and germicide. It can be added to water to disinfect it. You can drive away insects and kill germs simply by leaving an open bottle of camphor oil open.
  • Camphor oil is usually used in medical preparations such as ointments and lotion to cure skin diseases, as well as bacterial and fungal infections of the skin.
  • The camphor oil has the ability to disinfect the whole body externally when it is mixed into your bath.
  • It expels gas in a healthy way.
  • It gives immediate relief from spasms and cramps.
  • White Camphor Oil can boost one’s libido by stimulating those portions of the brain which are responsible for sexual desires and urges. It is a powerful stimulant, so it can help cure erectile problems when applied externally.
  • It can temporarily desensitize the nerves and relax the brain.
  • It can be beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy.


  • The oil is toxic and can even cause death if ingested excessively. Even just 2 grams can kill. Be careful in keeping this at your home. Keep out of reach from children.
  • The smell of camphor oil is somewhat addictive, and people have been seen to develop strong addictions to the smell of it.
  • It can make a person lose control over their limbs if taken in excess, because it has a very powerful smell.
  • It can sometimes be the cause of cardiac failure when combined with other medicines.
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