Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil

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You may know Myrrh as one of the gifts of the three Wise Men brought to Jesus in the New Testament. It was a very important thing in the Bible and as a natural remedy today. 

Skin Effect
It treats wounds, skin inflammation effect, bronchitis, cough, and bacterial and fungal infections. It can also improve blood circulation, and remove foot odor.

It can also help maintain healthy skin and soothe chapped or cracked skin. It helps moisturize and make the skin fragrant. It is also used for preventing aging and maintain healthy skin.

Physiological Effect
It has been used by the Chinese as a medicine, and is still a part of traditional Chinese medicine today. It removes blood stasis and relieves pain. It can also cure ulcer in the mouth or gums. It is also a good lung fungicide and can also treat diarrhea. It has been found to protect against liver damage because it has a high antioxidant capacity.

Research also shows that myrrh prevents growth in eight different types of cancer cells, especially gynecological cancers.

It has also been historically proven to treat wounds and prevent infections. It can also be used as a treatment to athlete’s foot, ringworm, and acne.

It is also anti-parasitic. It is part of a medication that has been developed as a treatment for fascioliasis infection, a parasite that has been affecting a lot of humans worldwide. 

Psychological Effect
It enhances the vitality of the brain and restores its physical and mental vitality. It is commonly used in aromatherapy for massages. It can be added to a warm bath or applied directly to the skin.


There are different ways of using myrrh oils:

· Diffusion or inhalation – add a few drops of myrrh oil to hot water and inhale the steam. It helps when you are sick to help improve the symptoms of bronchitis, colds, or coughs.

· Applying directly to the skin

· Using as cold compress

· Taking internally

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