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Dina Kelstain
Dina Kelstain
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Amazing and the oils are great! I will come back here for sure.

Brani Resconer
Brani Resconer
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Carmaya brings knowledge and not only great oils , that's why I love their store. 

Wan Grey
Wan Grey
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The Gardenia oil that i've got is amazing! and the prices are totally affordable. Will buy again for sure. 

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Musk Essential Oil

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Musk Essential Oil for Relieving
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Musk Essential Oil

Regular price $30.00 $15.00 Sale


Since the ancient times, Aromatherapy Oil has been widely used for ease of body and mind.



  • The smell can titillate emotions
  • It can evoke happy memories and longing
  • It balances the mood
  • It can be best used as a home scent together with flowers
  • It has a natural aroma that goes to the olfactory nerve of the brain, which can stimulate it
  • It can create a playful mood
  • Can prevent inflammation
  • Is anti-spasm
  • Promotes cell metabolism
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Helps in the secretion of hormones
  • Can send signals to the olfactory nerve to improve emotions and way of thinking
  • Has a unique aromatherapy blend
  • When the essential oil gets in direct contact with our body, it can produce mental and physical relaxation
  • Since the sense of smell is directly connected to the brain, the signals that it the good scent delivers are positive and can positively affect the flavor of the mind and emotions
  • It can treat stretch marks and acne scars
  • It can help treat wrinkles and formulate new tissues




  • Inject clear water into the incense burner, and add four to five drops of essential oil. Burn for five to ten minutes.
  • Put a few drops of essential oil to your lotion, massage oil, or hot bath. This is for external use only.



  • When burning aromatherapy oil, do not let the candle burn for more than 10 minutes as the container may burn dry
  • Do not let the oil burning facial aromatherapy treatment burn near the combustion vessel
  • Move the burning oil away from children
  • Also move the burning away from pets as well
  • If the aromatherapy oil accidentally gets to your eyes, rinse it out with water and immediately see a doctor
  • If you accidentally swallow any type of aromatherapy oil, immediately see a doctor for medical advice
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