Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil

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The Ginger Oil comes from the ginger root or Zingiber officinale. It is a pungent and weird-looking underground rhizome. It is part of the Zingiberaceae plant family. The root grows up to three to four feet high with white or yellow flowers.It has thick or thin brown skin, with flesh that can be yellow, white, or red.

The ginger plant is used worldwide as a medicinal plant or as a culinary accessory. It is one of the most flexible food ingredients today all throughout the world.

Benefits and Uses of Ginger Oil

  • One of the most common benefits of the ginger oil is its ability to relieve sore throat. Ginger mixed with water can easily provide relief and comfort to throat that has been infected either through cough or trauma.
  • It helps promote proper digestion, which means it can be a great natural remedy for flatulence, indigestion, dyspepsia, and spasms. It is also good for people who are trying to gain weight.
  • The ginger oil and ginger itself can help reduce prostaglandins, the compounds associated with pain.
  • It lowers the risk of developing hypertension.


  • The oil is non-toxic and non-irritating, but it is best to do a skin patch test before using the ginger oil directly on the skin to check if you have any allergic reactions to it.
  • Dilute the ginger oil in a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil to use it safely.
  • The ginger oil may be photo toxic, therefore you should not use it on skin areas that will be exposed to the sun within 24 hours of application.
  • If you are a pregnant or nursing woman, consult a health care professional first before using the oil.
  • Avoid using the oil on young children, unless otherwise advised by a trusted health care professional.
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