Citrus Essential Oil

Citrus Essential Oil

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The orange is well known for being a citrus fruit that a lot of people love. It is used for beverages, as a scent for soaps, body creams and lotions, for desserts, and sometimes just eaten raw and on its own. But there is more to the fruit than you know.


Composition and Extraction Process of Orange Essential Oil

The orange essential oil is extracted from the peels of orange through cold compression. The oil mainly consists of Myrcene Limonene, Neral, Linalool, Alpha Pinene, Citronellal, Sabinene, and Geranial.


Benefits of the Orange Essential Oil

  • It is a natural sedative, which means it can help you relax. It is better to use a natural one like the orange essential oil than an artificial one, because in the long run, it does not harm you with harsh chemicals. It can relieve anger, anxiety, depression, and other feelings that cause emotional distress.
  • The oil is a natural antiseptic, which means that it is great for healing wounds, cuts, bruises, and other abrasions, and prevents bacterial infections from reaching your body. It inhibits microbial growth and disinfects the wounds that you have.
  • Research have shown that the orange essential oil can prevent and treat patients with Alzheimer’s disease by improving their cognitive function.
  • It is an effective insecticide, especially in the elimination of house flies.
  • It is a natural diuretic, which means it can make you urinate more to reduce excess toxins.



  • The orange essential oil may result in vomiting, nausea, or loss of appetite when digested orally and in large qualities, because it might taste bitter.
  • Consult a health care professional before making any major changes involving orange essential oil.
  • Conduct a patch test before applying the oil directly onto your skin to check if you will have any allergic reactions to the oil.
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