Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil

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Citronella comes from the Citronella plant (cymbopogon nardus) extract, belonging to the Gramineae cymbopogon. Although the oil has been widely known as oil for eliminating insects, especially for going against Malaria-carrying mosquitoes, it can also make the skin fresh and soothing the mind.


Dipping feet in hot water with a few drops of citronella oil can help improve blood circulation, and can help remove odor of main and collateral channels. It can also achieve the beriberi effect.


The oil is very strong and can easily spread in a room once exposed to air. This is why the oil must be stored in sealed bottles. Once used, cover the bottle with the lid as soon as possible.


Main Effect

It can soften the skin, remove acne, get rid of dog and cat flea, reduce headache, migraine, and neuralgia, can be an insecticide, and can deliver a sweet scent. It can also boost one’s mood and relieve depression.


Skin Effect

When mixed with orange flower and bergamot, it can soften the skin. It is also helpful in treating large pores, removing acne, and balancing oily skin. It is also helpful in treating athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.


Physiological Effect

Citronella is one of the most popular and suitable oil used for insecticides and pesticides. It can be used especially in the summer for spraying or mixing in the incense. It can also be used to get rid of dogs and cats’ flea.


It can free the mind. It effectively relieves headache and migraine.


Psychological Effect

It can provide a feeling of safety to patients. It can also purify and boost one’s mood because of the warm smell of herbs. The scent is very pure and natural, therefore resolving mundane troubles. It can also help in making sleep more comfortable, especially for infants.

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