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Ylang Ylang and the Top 5 Reasons You Need to Add it into Your Life

A beautiful flower, Ylang Ylang is known as the "flower of flowers" and for good reason. It has such a sweet and very floral scent that many people are attracted to it and the oil it produces. What is great about this oil is the amazing benefits that it has. There are so many reasons to add this oil into your life, you would be surprised! 

 Healthy Heart and Healthy Mood

 There is nothing better than going in for your yearly check up and finding out that your heart is still healthy. As we age, we face many obstacles, and heart health is one. One of most natural ways to keep your heart healthy is by using ylang ylang oil. Just the aroma of ylang ylang can help to support your circulatory system and help to keep your heart healthy. It also helps to calm down your blood pressure which will help your health even more. You can start to lower your blood pressure by putting one to two drops of ylang ylang oil in your tea or water. Be sure that the oil that you buy does show that it is a food grade essential oil. 

Ylang ylang can help your mood too. The sweet aroma is just one of the reasons that makes quite a few people smile when they inhale it. It has been used as a natural remedy for depression for decades and those who suffer from depression have found great results from it. It can also help to fight off anxiety and insomnia that is caused by anxiety and depression. If you are starting to feel down in the dumps, try diffusing ylang ylang in your home and your office. Let the floral aroma make you smile again!

Beautiful Hair with Ylang Ylang

If your hair needs a little boost, why not try adding ylang ylang with coconut oil to give it just what it needs. This mixture can be massaged into your scalp and used on the ends of your hair. It will help your hair to look shiny and feel healthy. This mixture can also help to relieve your hair of tangles and dandruff. It can also be used to add volume to your hair and fight off hair loss. 

 Tummy Troubles? Try Ylang Ylang

Women are always looking for some kind of relief from the symptoms of PMS. Ylang ylang oil is one of the most popular essential oils used for finding relief from cramps and bloating. When mixed with lavender and coconut oil, the ylang ylang mixture can be massaged into your lower abdomen to find relief from cramps and tension. You can also massage this mixture onto the back of your neck.

If you find yourself having trouble with digestion, ylang ylang can aid in digestion too. If you add ylang ylang to jojoba oil, you can massage this mixture into your stomach or you can take a few drops of ylang ylang a couple times a day. You will begin to feel the difference when you eat. 

Ylang ylang is known for its amazingly sweet aroma. Once you have smelled it, you will understand why people use it daily to make themselves feel better. The benefits of ylang ylang will surprise you and you will see just how great it is!  

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