When Love Breaks Down

When Love Breaks Down

The end of a relationship can be hell. There is truth in the old adage that time is a healer.

With any emotional trauma that involves loss, such as the break-up of a relationship, there are three stages most people go through, this happens with any type of bereavement where you are suddenly separated from a person you love. The first stage is shock, where you just can`t take in what`s happened. This usually lasts for about 24 hours in which you feel almost numb with disbelief.

The second stage, which lasts about a week, is about trying to understand and come to terms with the situation. The final stage can last from a year to three years and is the most difficult, when you may experience sadness, anger, hopelessness, loss of self-worth, regret, depression, and loneliness. Added to this, you will be trying to re-organize your life without your partner.

Women cope better in the long run than men. Even though women may feel devastated, to begin with, she`s more likely to have close friends she can talk to. A good friend will allow you to express your feelings and help you to see things in perspective. Women are also more likely to see a counselor or seek other outside help. A lot of men don`t have this support. They`re more likely to block off their feelings or turn to alcohol or drugs to anesthetize their pain – which only sets up more emotional problems.

`In most cases, no matter how bad you feel at the time, these feelings do eventually go. And most people find that they emerge emotionally stronger. Meanwhile, you should seek whatever support you can. `


While there`s no denying that getting over a relationship may take time, there are things you can do to help yourself in the process. This is where the following complementary therapies can be useful.


Essential oils to soothe the mind

The mood-altering properties of essential oils can be especially beneficial when you`re feeling moody and despondent after the break-up of a relationship. The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is to add them to you daily bath, to make it more of a treat. Alternatively, spoil yourself with a massage, or you can place a few drops on a tissue and inhale the aroma.

Now the question is.....Do you forgive and forget? I think it all depends on why and how and what happened. If the reason to be is cheating on your spouse. Most people believe to just move on. The reason for that, they claim that once you are a cheater you always will be one. Should the reason to be fighting and abusing, people should forgive and move on. Things happen in your life for a reason and things that happen to you will never be forgotten. It’s human nature not to forget your past or present. I believe everybody needs a second chance in life. People change. And who knows, it can be for the better. So, Forgive?? Definitely!

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