4 Ways To Detox Your Mind and Think Positive

Power of positive thinking

Thinking is often an involuntary action. How often do you suddenly wake up to yourself and realize your mind has been rumbling in quite the opposite direction to the one you intended? Similarly, it’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking negatively until you find you have established negative thought patterns. And before you know it you are regarded as a dour and cynical person.

It’s crucial to remember that, although you may have limited control over outside events, you do have control over your mind and feelings. Your mind may not be accustomed to thinking this way, but training it to work for you can pay off.

Here are 4 ways to detox your mind and turn your negative thinking into the power of positive thinking are:

  • Affirmations

As unlikely as it sounds, repeating a positive phrase about yourself can have an astounding effect on how you feel. Build up yourself believe and you’ll be able to achieve more and more, minus the stress. Think about how you are feeling at the moment (Guilty, Useless, in a Panic etc.) and try to see it as a temporary state of mind. Think of positive phrases about yourself. Something you are proud of. (I am hard working, I am creative, I have achieved many good things in my life). Take the statement that makes you feel the best about yourself and write it down about 20 times a day. Read it out loud with conviction in front of a mirror. Repeat this exercise every day and re-assess of how you feel after a week.

  • Visualization

The more you worry about not be able to do something the worse it gets and the harder it is to motivate yourself to do it. Visualise finishing the thing you are dreading. Sit quietly, where you won’t be disturbed and imagine the relieve and pleasure when the job is done. Think of the worst thing that could happen and visualize yourself coping with it and going past it. If you feel you are not up to the job or feel unworthy, imagine having no challenges and opportunities and think how dull and monotonous life would be.

  • Realistic Goals

There’s only so much a person can do in one day. Set yourself realistic goals and try not to feel guilty if you don’t finish everything in time. Don’t just rush from one task to the other. Instead, mentally acknowledge each and every one of your achievements and congratulate yourself for them. Do this at least twice a day. Take five to ten minutes to tap yourself on the back when you get each major junk of the day out of the way. Sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and concentrate on this positive feeling.

  • Past mistakes

It’s often easier to call to mind times when things went wrong and you were criticized, than when you really did well and everyone acknowledged it. This is perhaps the hardest negative thinking pattern break. The past has happened and can’t be altered. When you think of a disastrous episode in your life, remember that you have learned from your mistake. Sit down and write down a list of what exactly you learned when you made the last mistake. Ask yourself if you would do the same thing again. The answer is no and you will be able to acknowledge that a valuable lesson has been learned and you are more able to cope with difficult situations today.

These simple techniques will train your mind to think on the bright side and start you on the way to developing a more positive attitude and better health

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