The Three Magical Benefits of Fir Essential Oil

Do you love winter? Do you love the smells of the holidays? Many people instantly think of the holidays, snow, and cold weather when they smell fir oil. There is a lot for us to learn about the amazing benefits in fir oil. You may love the smell, but there are so many more reasons for you to use fir oil. 

 Infections Be Gone

There are many varieties of fir trees which means that the varieties of fir essential oil vary as well. One of the greatest uses of fir essential oil is fighting off infections. Fir needles contain very large amounts of compounds that can help to fight off infections. One of the most well known infections that fir can fight off is Staph. The compounds in the fir needles include tricyclene, camphene, and myrcene. Fir needles also are filled with antibiotic compounds that can help with other types of infections. 

 Finding Relief for Aches and Pains

If you cannot find relief for your joint and muscle pain, adding some fir essential oil to your lotions and creams is a great way to start. Fir oil can stimulate the blood in your muscles and this can help you to find relief much quicker than you ever thought was possible! It can be applied topically if you add it to a carrier oil. Not only will you feel better, but you will love the scent too!

 Is Your Body Smelling a Little Funky?

We all have it, body odor. Some of us have it worse than others and some of us have it during different seasons. It is one of those things that is quite embarrassing, but there are ways to combat it. One of these ways is by adding some fir oil into your life. Because fir oil helps to lower the amount of bacteria in your body, this will help you to find some relief from bad body odor.

Fir oil is a very popular oil that is used in many fragrances, cleaning products, and skincare products. If you have any of these symptoms, now would be an awesome time to try it out!

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