3 of Rosemary's Wondrous Benefits For You


Rosemary has been used worldwide for making delicious dishes, but also for helping to find relief from many ailments. Rosemary oil has become quite popular in the world of essential oils and natural healing. Here are some of the wondrous benefits that rosemary oil has to offer. 

A New Way To Boost Hair Growth

There are many disease such as alopecia that can be the cause of losing your hair. With oils such as rosemary, you can find some relief when you hair starts to fall out. Hair loss can be caused by many different things from disease and genetics. Studies have been done on animals with hair loss showing some great improvement after a rosemary mint shampoo was applied to their hair over a long period of time. Rosemary oil can help your hair to find that regrowth that it needs. There are many rosemary mint shampoos on the market that you can try. 

 Are You Forgetting More and More?

Do you find yourself forgetting the smallest things? Has your memory started to get slower and more vague. This does happen as we age and some people experience it before others. There are ways to help to repair your memory and adding rosemary oil into your life is just one of them. All the way back to the Ancient Greeks, people have been using rosemary to keep their memories alive and fresh! Some of the ancient scholars would wear it around their necks before giving a lesson or taking a test.

Rosemary oil is no different. Studies have been done on rosemary oil and some of the results have shown that people who inhaled it were more alert and they were able to test better. It also showed that the memory was more enhanced and those who were taking a test, were more ready than those who had not inhaled the rosemary. 

 Need Prostate Help? Try Rosemary!

Another wondrous benefit of rosemary oil is that it can help to make your prostate feel better. Men who were experiencing some issues with their prostate simply made a mixture of rosemary oil and coconut oil. They took the mixture and they rubbed it beneath the testicles. This has been shown to help relieve many of the issues that men face with prostate cancer or other issues. 

 Rosemary oil is one of the best ways to find relief from a lot of problems and ailments. When mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil, you can make mixtures that can help relieve prostate issues, digestive issues, gallbladder functions, and improved memory. Rosemary oil isn't just for cooking! You will be very surprised about the relief you can find from using it. 

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