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Carmaya brings knowledge and not only great oils , that's why I love their store. 

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3 Surprising Things that Lemon Oil Can Do For You

Lemon essential oil has some truly astonishing benefits! Lemons have been used in medicine and healing for thousands of years and the research keeps growing on just how important they are to us! Lemon oil is one of the most popular of the essential oils because of its bright and vibrant fragrance, along with its many positive benefits for our bodies and minds. Here are just a few more reasons that lemon is oil is a favorite among the essential oils. 

Tummy Troubles? Try Lemon Oil

Lemons were used centuries ago to help in the process of healing stomach and nausea problems. It is still being used today for that too! For expecting mothers, lemon oil is amazing for helping to get rid of morning sickness during parts of pregnancy. Lemon's calming and soothing aroma helps to get the mind off of the nausea and focused on happier events and moments. The smell of lemon is also vibrant which can give pregnant women more energy and less time to dwell on the way their stomach is feeling.

Another way to use lemon oil is to help with digestion. Lemon oil is known for helping with severe gas pains and even constipation. The acid level in lemons can help to make your stomach feel better after a large meal and can even help to balance out the enzymes in your gut.

 Skin Feeling Saggy and Sad? Lemon Oil Can Do The Trick!

As we age, we will begin to see simple signs of aging. There is something that we can do about it and lemon oil is one thing that can help! Lemon oil is known for helping to nourish the skin and keep it looking youthful and glowing. Lemon oil helps to hydrate the skin and keep it from looking saggy and old. This is why many cosmetic companies are now adding it into some of their anti-aging items. Lemon oil helps to combat the free radicals in your skin that are the reason we start to look older on our faces. The oil has many antioxidants that can help us to retain our beautiful glow. 

Get Rid of The Germs With Lemon Oil

 Ever notice how many household cleansers contain lemon oil or lemon juice? It is for good reason! Lemon oil can help to get rid of the germs in your home. It is considered to be an antimicrobial agent and this is what can keep you from getting sick and keeping your home clean and safe. Lemon oil is much safer to use to clean your home than many of the cleaning products that are on the market today. You can even make your own cleaning blend for your home. 

Lemon oil seems to have many benefits for your body and the home. Once you start using it daily, you will see just how wonderful it is! 

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