The 3 Best Reasons to Use Evening Primrose Oil

The beautiful evening primrose flower has been used for centuries by the ancient people of the world and the Native Americans. When they first discovered it, they realized that they could eat it as food and used it in several dishes. They used it for medical reasons such as skin rashes and irritations. The flower was then turned into the evening primrose essential oil that we all know and love today. The essential oil, not only smells like a walk through a field of flowers, but can also give you many medical and healing benefits as well. 

 Hot Sweats? Feeling the Side Effects of Menopause?

Evening primrose has been used for decades to help women to deal with the side effects of menopause. Because it contains large amounts of fatty acids, it can support the women's hormonal balance and changes. This why so many women turn to it for the help that they need. It can also help with PMS symptoms such as bloating, cramps, headaches, acne, and retaining water. All of these symptoms torment women each month so it is quite refreshing to find an oil like evening primrose that can help. You can simply inhale the oil from your diffuser or there are evening primrose capsules that you can ingest in order to feel much better during these tough times of the month.

 Acne Breakouts Getting You Down?

If you have noticed that your skin is not its best lately, trying evening primrose may be a step in the right direction. Hormonal acne is one of the worst things that happens to women during puberty and during PMS and menopause. By incorporating evening primrose oil into your skin care regimen, you will begin to notice some quick changes. 

 Evening primrose capsules can be very helpful when it comes to taking care of your skin as well. You can also make your own mixture of evening primrose oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. By adding these two together, you can create a skin care blend that is refreshing and can help your skin fight off any acne that has sprung up on your face recently. 

Aging Bones Could Use Some Help

Have you noticed that your body has started to feeling older and your bones are starting to age? As we get older, we all have to face the reality that things such as osteoporosis can occur in our bodies. Women have a much higher chance of getting it than men, but it is a lingering fact that we do get older and our bodies begin to change, along with our bones. Our bodies need fatty acids and calcium and as we get older, we need more and more of these vital minerals. By taking evening primrose capsules, we are adding more fatty acids to our bodies and helping to find some relief from osteoporosis. Building your bone density is important and evening primrose can help!

 If you have noticed some changes in your body as you age, it is time to start anew. Try adding evening primrose into your life and you can start to see some changes in no time!


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