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5 Wonderful Essential Oils for Getting Rid of Gout

 Gout is a horrible condition that many of us suffer from. If you have a build up of too much sodium in your body, it can cause your feet to swell and you can develop gout. It is a type of arthritis that can be debilitating. When sodium gets trapped inside of your joints, this inflammation occurs. It can be terribly painful and many people cannot find relief. There is some hope for you. There are essential oils that you can use to fight off the gout!

 Wintergreen Oil

There are quite a few essential oils that contain anti-inflammatory properties and wintergreen oil is one of them. Many people like it because of its minty and slightly woodsy aroma, but it does have some great anti-inflammatory benefits. Wintergreen oil has cortisone in it that can help to keep the inflammation down in your feet if you have gout. It can be applied directly to your feet, but you will need to mix it with a carrier oil. 

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is another essential oil with an amazing aroma. Because of the blood circulating properties of lemongrass oil, gout can be treated with it. Make your lemongrass mixture with a carrier oil and apply it to your feet two to three times a day. You will begin to see results after a few weeks.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory properties along with being a very soothing oil. By applying peppermint with a carrier oil, you can find relief from the pain and swelling that gout brings to your feet. 












Rosemary Oil

Many arthritis sufferers have been using rosemary oil to find relief from the pain that they endure daily. As an astringent oil, it can help to improve the blood circulation in the feet and can be used for finding relief from gout. When mixed with oils such as jojoba or coconut, you can make a massage mixture that you can use three to four times a day to find the relief you need from gout. 

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is another anti-inflammatory that can be used to help find relief from gout. It is one of the essential oils that has some of the most healing benefits. It is known for being used for a myriad of ailments. Apply it to your gout, when mixed with a carrier oil, for relief and you will feel relaxed too.

All of these essential oils have amazing benefits when it comes to helping find relief from gout. Once you start using them, you will start to finally have the relief that you need. 


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