Fighting off the Flu and Colds with Essential Oils

It's that time of year when everyone at your job is getting sick. The kids and grandkids are coming home from school with the sniffles and you are starting to feel it too. There is nothing worse than having a cold when you know that you still have to go to work everyday. You're in luck though, continue to read and you will learn just how essential oils can help you to fight off the flu and common colds. 

 Healing Properties of Essential Oils

Essential oils have many properties that help to fight colds and the flu. Essential oils have the following properties:

  • antiviral
  • antibacterial
  • astringent
  • disinfectant
  • aid in circulation
  • immune system support

 How to Use Essential Oils For Relief

Essential oils can be used in quite a few ways to help relieve the cold and flu such as: 

  • aromatherapy
  • bath blends
  • massage oils
  • diffusers
  • steam inhaling

Best oils to Use Colds and the Flu

 There are quite a few oils that have the properties to relieve colds and the flu. Here are the top seven that will help you get through the flu and colds.

Frankincense has cold-fighting properties and expectorant properties. It can be used in a bath, in a steam inhalation, and hot compresses. The hot steam acts as a decongestant and help to reduce the aches and pain associated with the flu. 

Oregano is a very powerful antiviral essential oil. It can help to reduce symptoms of upper respiratory issues. It can also be used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Eucalyptus is a great remedy for a deep chest cold and breathing problems. It can relieve a stuffy nose, airborne infections, and aches and pains.

Tea Tree Oil is another antiviral essential oil, but it is also an antiseptic oil that helps to get rid of coughs, congestion,, and sore throats. It can help to disinfect the air in your home. 

Lemon oil helps to reduce fevers and treat the flu. It is also a great way to treat fatigue when you have the flu. 

Lemongrass is another essential oil that helps to reduce fevers when you are sick with the flu. It can help calm the nervous system and helps to lift that foggy feeling that you may have during the flu or a cold. It is popular to use for easing the aches and pain of the flu and soothe your stomach.

Sandalwood helps to ease mental stress, calms the body, relieves aches and pains, and eases congestion. 

If you need to find new ways to help fight off the flu and colds, all of these oils can be used to help you. Once you use them to fight these fevers, aches, and pains, you will be ready every time the sickness rears its ugly head again!


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