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Amazing and the oils are great! I will come back here for sure.

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Carmaya brings knowledge and not only great oils , that's why I love their store. 

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The Gardenia oil that i've got is amazing! and the prices are totally affordable. Will buy again for sure. 

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3 Ways to Fight the Cool Temperatures with Clove Essential Oil

Grown native in Indonesia and Madagascar, clove essential oil comes from a tropical evergreen tree. It has been used by many tribes for hundreds of years to help with oral health and overall wellness. Clove essential oil has many benefits that can help to keep us warm in the cold, winter months!

Aches and Pains in our Mouths

As we all start to consume more and more sweet treats during the festive time, we may start to notice aches and pains in our mouths. Our mouths seem to take quite a beating during the winter time and having clove essential on hand is quite helpful. Clove oil is one of the most well-known ways to help find relief from toothaches. It can also be applied to areas of your mouth where dry sockets have formed after oral surgery. It has a numbing effect that can help your mouth feel better almost instantly! 

Getting All Those Germs Out!

 In winter, our immune systems need all the help they can get. Clove oil is one o the main oils that people use when they make Thieves oil. This is a blend that people use to boost their immune systems. Clove oil has antibacterial benefits that can help to fight off viruses and other ailments that we struggle with in winter. 

Tummy Troubles Be Gone!

Clove oil became very popular because it can help with our digestion too. At all of the holiday celebrations we have in the winter, our bodies go through a lot! The food that we eat can really hit our stomachs hard. That is why clove oil is great to have around! Clove oil can also help you fight off motion sickness if you are traveling during the winter months.

Winter takes a toll on us, but if we have the right tools, we can help ourselves feel better in no time at all. Keeping clove essential oil around is just one of the ways to do it!


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