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The Greatest Essential Oils to Help Combat Stress

Relax with essential oils

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out or anxious? Are you having trouble sleeping because of it? Not to worry, help is on the way! There are many essential oils that you can use to help you beat stress, calm down, and relax. These oils will help you to enjoy life and not stress out about the small things.

How Essential Oils Help

 Essential oils help our bodies and minds in various ways. Many oils, like lavender, can work with your brain and neuroreceptors to help relieve stress and anxiety. When we diffuse these oils in our home or place a few drops on pressure points on our bodies, we can help to feel the relief. Ultimately, the less stress that we have, the more we will relax and sleep. This will start to make us feel even better every day when we wake up.


How to Use Essential Oils for Stress

Some of the oils that we use may burn the skin when applied directly to it. Take your favorite oil and pour it into a brown, glass roller bottle. By adding a few drops of a carrier oil, you can apply the oil directly to your body without feeling any type of burn. Carrier oils include coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. 

When diffusing essential oils, find the perfect diffuser for your home. Some of the diffusers on the market right now light up, play music, or are remote controlled. The size and type is completely up to you. When you use a diffuser, be sure to read all of the instructions. Some diffusers call for you to add water to the oil while others do not.                                                

The Oils That Help Beat Stress

Lavender: Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils to date. It can help to calm the mind and works with our nervous system. It can help with insomnia and anxiety. By diffusing it in the home, lavender can help rid you of any unwanted stress.

Yuzu: Yuzu has become rather popular lately because of its strong citrus scent. It is a Japanese oil that is known for helping to lower the heart rate. It can also give you energy, but you have to use it to see the exact effects that it will have on you. It will bring happiness into your life just from one sniff! This new happiness can help rid you of any stress you are feeling. Strong citrus scents, much like Yuzu, also include Orange and Grapefruit. 

 Bergamot: Bergamot is another citrus scent that is known to help lower the blood pressure, heart rate, and stress in our lives. It will help to get rid of any tension that you are feeling too. For those who suffer from chronic pain, it has also been shown to help ease the pain.

Jasmine: If you like floral and sweet oils, Jasmine should be the one you choose for helping to get rid of stress and anxiety in your life.It has calming and relaxing elements that will also make your house smell fresh and clean.

 The way we all deal with stress varies, but when you try out these oils, you can be sure that your stress will be lowered in no time at all!  

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