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6 Shocking Uses for Bergamot Essential Oil

The bergamot plant is one that has become incredibly popular recently. The citrus fruit from the plant is where the essential oil comes from. Many have described its flavor as a mix between a lemon and a very sour orange. No wonder we like its fragrance so much! The oil comes from the peel and in the past, has been used to make medicines to help the healing process. One of the most widely known uses for bergamot is in Earl Grey tea. Here are six more reasons that you should be using bergamot oil.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

When life gets you down, sometimes there seems to be no end in sight. You may get sad or even depressed. If you are looking for a natural way to find relief, try bergamot oil. If you have noticed signs of depression such as low appetite, lowered sex drive, lack of motivation or feeling helpless, trying bergamot oil is your best bet! If you want to find some relief, try putting 2-3 drops of bergamot in your hands and breathing it in very slowly while your hands are cupped. You can diffuse it at home or work and you can even rub a couple drops on your stomach to make you feel much more positive. 

 Too Much Going On? Lower Your Blood Pressure

Our lives get so busy and sometimes our health begins to suffer because of it. When life starts throwing new tasks at us, our blood pressure may begin to rise too. When you have high blood pressure, there are many other health issues that can happen so it is very important that we lower our blood pressure. One way to help lower your blood pressure is by using bergamot oil. You can do this by diffusing the oil at home and by putting one to two drops on your temples and massaging it in slowly. Placing drops on your abdomen will help as well. This will also help to lower your anxiety levels that have caused your blood pressure to rise.

Aches and Pains Got You Down? Bergamot Oil Can Help

Life is filled with accidents, injuries, and aches and pains, but what if you could find the relief that you need? Bergamot oil is known for helping to alleviate aches and pains in the body. If you suffer from headaches or even have minor sprains, using bergamot on your aches can help you to find relief fast. To make a muscle rub, simply add bergamot to your favorite carrier oil and you can rub it on the area where the pain lies. You can do this a few times a day to get the relief that you need. 

 Looking For Healthier Skin? Try Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is also helpful if you are looking to bring some life back into your aging skin. When it is used topically, it can help to clean out your pores and help to remove scars and fine lines from your skin. If you have a lot of scars from wounds of the past, you can apply it topically with a carrier oil on all of the spots. Do this a few times each day and you will begin to see some of these scars fading. 

 Body Smelling A Little Funny? Try Bergamot in Your Deodorant

 At times, our bodies have a tendency to sweat a lot more. Some of us can control the smells from our body with deodorant, but some of us may need something just a little bit stronger. When you add bergamot oil to your deodorant, you will begin to smell the difference. It can help to eliminate very strong odors in your home and on your body. You can diffuse it in the home to make sure the house smells great all the time!

Taking Care of Your Mouth 

It is very important that we take care of our mouths. Our gums and teeth are critical to our lives. This is why it is key to know that bergamot can help your mouth. It can actually be used as a mouth wash. It helps to get rid of unwanted bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities and gum disease. You can add one drop of it to your toothpaste and each time you brush, you will feel a difference. 

Bergamot oil can do so much for you! It is time that you tried it and you may find out that you needed it more than you once thought!




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