4 Remarkable Health Benefits of Basil Oil

If you love to cook, you probably use quite a bit of basil in your recipes. The flavor is amazing and so is the aroma. What you may not know is the amazing benefits that basil oil can offer to your body. You will be astonished by how using basil oil can make you feel better and feel motivated again.

Fighting off Germs

 Basil oil has some incredible anti-bacterial benefits and can help to fight off food borne illnesses, mold, and bacteria. It can help to fight off things such as E.coli. By using basil oil in your home, you can help to get rid of the illness spreading bacteria in your bathroom and kitchen. You can diffuse basil oil or add into your cleaning supplies to keep the bacteria at bay. 

Treating Colds with Basil Oil

Basil oil is an anti-viral oil as well. It is known as a natural cold remedy because of just how well it can help your lungs and nasal passage clear when you are sick. Basil oil can help you to find the relief from your cold in no time at all! By adding it to a hot bath with eucalyptus and inhaling, your lungs will feel with the healing essence of the oils and you will begin to feel some movement in your cold. 

Ear Infections Be Gone!

One of the most painful things that can happen is getting an ear infection. It always seems to last so long and hurts incredibly bad. There is some help in your future! By adding some basil oil with coconut oil, you can rub behind your ears to help reduce the swelling and pain that generally comes with having an ear infection. 

Need Help On That Final Report?

Are you swamped at work with reports and tasks and you just cannot muster up the energy to do them? Try inhaling some basil oil to get your brain and blood flowing. Basil oil helps to stimulate your nervous system and adrenal cortex which can help you to shake your sluggishness and find the motivation you need to finish that final report!

Basil oil is a one of a kind oil. With a fragrance that transports you to Italy and build your positive mood, there are plenty of reasons to try it today!


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