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4 Outstanding Ways that Cassia Can Keep You Warm and Toasty in Winter

Cassia has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is a tree that grows in China and Burma. It is known as most commonly as Chinese Cinnamon. The oil comes from the bark and leaves of the tree. Being from the same family as cinnamon, it is just as warm during those cold winter months. Here are four outstanding ways that Cassia can keep you warm and toasty during this winter season. 

 Tummy Troubles? Cassia Can Help!

Do you have tummy troubles in the wintertime? A lot of people do with all of the heavy food that we tend to eat in the cold. If you are having some diarrhea issues,Cassia can actually help you out. Cassia helps to get rid of all of the microorganisms in your stomach that can cause diarrhea. It can also help you with balancing out your fiber content. Cassia can help to soothe the pain in your stomach that sometimes comes along with diarrhea.

Cold and Circulation Don't Mix

 The cold weather does not help our circulation very much, especially if we already have poor circulation. That is why having a bottle of Cassia around is a terrific idea! Cassia can help improve our overall circulation and make us feel much warmer inside. Cassia oil also helps to find relief from pain that poor circulation can cause. It also helps to reduce inflammation from bad circulation. This is also known to lower our risk of strokes! Cassia does work wonders on our circulation in our body during these cold, winter months. 

Feeling Seasonally Depressed? 

Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing and during the cold, winter months, it can get worse than ever. Cassia oil can do wonders on your mental health when it is cold outside. Just like cinnamon, it brings such a positive effect on those who inhale it. It helps the body feel warm and it helps your mind to think of more positive thoughts. Any stress that you are feeling can also find relief when you diffuse cassia oil in your home. Cassia oil will give you a reason to feel happy and joyful throughout these winter months.

 Knock out Colds and Flu

Cassia oil is an essential oil that you truly need in the cold winter months. It helps to fight off bacteria that can cause colds and flu. It can also help to boost your immune system. Find a great diffuser and then add Cassia oil to it. Inhale the amazing aroma that it can bring to you. 

Cassia oil is one of our favorite oils. It can make you feel amazing during these cold months and soon, you will learn just how to use it everyday! 


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