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3 Astonishing Uses for Sandalwood Essential Oil

The aroma of sandalwood is soothing and calming. Many associate it with the hippie culture, but there are others who associate it with religious practices. The oil is used in India and other Eastern religious ceremonies. Sandalwood oil is cherished here. The woodsy, yet sweet scent is like no other. Everyone should have a bottle of sandalwood handy. Here are four astonishing uses for sandalwood essential oil.

 Calming and Soothing Benefits

Sandalwood essential oil has a sweet aroma that makes many people feel very relaxed and calm. It can be used to help relieve them of any anxieties they may have as well. The oil transports people to a place in their minds that has no problems and a place that can bring happiness to them. This is why many religious practices will use sandalwood oil in meditations or in ceremonies. Sandalwood essential oil can also help to balance out our mental health and mental clarity. Many people who suffer from depression have found that it helps them to have happier thoughts and find a balance of their emotions on the days that are harder than others. 

 Anti-Aging Benefits

When sandalwood is added into skin products, many have found that it has great anti-aging benefits for the skin. Sandalwood oil is high in antioxidants, which help to fight off free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Sandalwood can also help with acne, worts, and eczema. It can be added to your lotion and applied directly to the skin. You will love the way it smells on your skin!

 Turning on Sexual Energy

Although sandalwood has been used for hundreds of years in religious ceremonies, people have also been using it as an aphrodisiac. This oil has the power to turn on the sexual energies of people and get their libido going once again. It has also been shown to men with impotence. By adding a few drops to a sensual massage oil, you and your partner can enjoy the sexual benefits that it can bring to the bedroom. 

Sandalwood essential oil has such a beautiful aroma. With one whiff, you will be taken to a place of calm and relaxation. This oil became very popular for many reasons and now you can take your time with it and see what it can truly do for you! 

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