3 Warm and Cozy Ways Cedarwood Can Help You Stay Warm

Cedarwood oil is filled with benefits for you during the winter months. It has been used since biblical times to anoint saints and to help with ailments. many people associate it with wisdom and cleanliness. In the winter months, cedarwood oil can bring you quite a bit of joy too. Here are three warm and cozy ways that cedarwood can help you to stay warm. 

 Take Care of Your Hair

In the winter time, you may notice that your scalp starts to dry out. This is very common depending on the area you live in. It can be stopped and you can have your normal scalp back! By using cedarwood, you can start to see some big changes in how your scalp looks and feels. In order to get these benefits, add two or three drops of cedarwood oil to coconut oil and add it into your hair washing routine. 

 Pain in the Joints

Another problem that many of us face in the winter time is flare ups in the our arthritis. Having cedarwood oil around is the perfect way to help though! It is actually considered to be the best essential oil for arthritis. It can be used topically on your skin too. Cedarwood oil can help to fight inflammation in your joints, which helps you to find relief from your arthritis. Added with your favorite carrier, ten drops of cedarwood in your bath can make your bones and joints feel amazing once again!

 Coughs and Sneezes

 In the cold, winter months, we all start to notice more coughs and sneezes. Since you can rub cedarwood onto your skin, you should try to use it as a natural remedy to help you get rid of your cough and cold. When you rub it on your chest and throat, you will be able to find some relief in your sleep. You can make a mixture with coconut oil that will put you fast to sleep and you will not have to worry about the awful coughing that will keep you up at night. 

Winter time brings a lot of craziness into our lives, but it also brings some amazing weather and changes. Be sure to stay on top of it all with essential oils. 

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