3 Surprising Benefits of Sea Salt

People all over the world use salt in cooking. It has become a staple in every kitchen and a part of our lifestyles. Did you know that sea salt has amazing health benefits? It's true! Sea salt has not been processed and refined like many other types of salts, so it still has many nutrients that can help your mind and body. Here are three of the most surprising benefits of sea salt.

Not Getting Enough Water? Sea Salt Can Help

Sea salt is heavy in nutrients like potassium and sodium. Potassium can help your body to stay hydrated even when you have not had as much water as you would like. If you eat sea salt at least once a day, your hydration levels can stay pretty balanced. This does not mean to stop drinking water, but you will be able to get extra hydration. 

 Promotes Brain Functions

 Sodium is important to have in your diet, just not too much. That is why sea salt is key. If you eat sea salt once a day, you can help your body to regulate brain functions and muscle functions. Sodium helps to regulate the different fluids and functions in the body so having it is very important. Without sodium, your body functions may slow down too much. 

Need Help Sleeping? Sea Salt Could Be Missing

Many of us have trouble sleeping at night because of stress or anxiety or simply too much on our minds. There are studies that show that those who have lower sea salt intakes may have a harder time sleeping. Sodium helps to regulate your sleep, so it is important that you are getting enough. You can check with your doctor to see what sodium levels you have and if you have too much sodium or just not enough.

Once you start adding sea salt into your diet, you will be happy about how you start to feel. Once a day is plenty because you do not want to overdo it. There are different types of salts on the market today, just be sure to find one that is pure and unrefined in order to get the nutrients to benefit your body. 


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