3 Reasons that Melissa Oil is Important For You

Melissa essential oil is slowly becoming incredibly popular. Many of its users think it is a cure all that can help them with almost any ailment in their life. There have been many studies recently that do show that melissa oil can help fight off infections of the skin and help with other health related ailments. Here are the top 3 reasdons that melissa oil is important for you. 

Happy Mood, Happy Life

 When choosing the best essential oils to use, many people are looking for one that will help to boost their mood. Being a bad mood all day is not good for your health or those around you. That is why finding a good essential oil to boost your mood is key! Melissa oil is one of those oils that can help to bring your mood into a happy and more positive light. This oil helps to fight off depression by calming your brain and boosting the happy hormones in it. It also makes you feel more balanced and gives you a sense of peace. When it is diffused and inhaled, your frown will be turned upside down. 

 Because of these balancing qualities, melissa oil can also help to lower your blood pressure. When it is inhaled, your heart rate will begin to lower and your blood pressure will too. These calming effects are only part of the reason that many high blood pressure sufferers use melissa oil. It can help to increase your heart's resistance too. 

Feel Better at That Time of the Month

Symptoms of PMS and menstrual cycles are no fun for the women who endure them each month. Melissa oil is known for the way that it can help women to find great relief from the symptoms of PMS. Your mood swings will start to vanish after you diffuse it in your home or even inhale it on a cloth in your bath. Your PMS headaches will start to fade away as well.

Melissa oil may not be an oil that many of you know a lot about, but it can truly help you when you are in need of finding mood, blood pressure, and PMS relief. 

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