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3 Helpful Ways Clove Oil Can Get You Through the Winter

Clove is a wonderful scent to have around during the winter months. For many of us, it reminds us of being home for the holidays or having a nice warm fire and being with friends and family. Clove essential oil is no different! Many people love to diffuse clove oil in winter to bring them some joy and happiness. Clove oil has some incredible benefits for us too. Here are three helpful ways that clove oil can get you through winter. 

 Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy

Winter time colds and flu are no joke! That is why it is up to us to keep ourselves healthy and happy. WIth clove oil, you can begin to make yourself feel much better during the colder months. Many people will make an essential oil blend that is generally referred to as "Thieves oil". This blend is also known as an immunity blend. No matter what you call it, it is very popular and it contains clove essential oil. Known for its amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, clove oil is perfect for fighting off sickness during winter. The fragrance of it will also make you feel warm and toasty inside. 

Tooth Pain Be Gone!

Toothaches are no fun to deal with and in the winter months, with all that hot cocoa, you may notice that your teeth pain is amplified. That is where clove oil can come in quite handy! There are records dating back from the 1600's that clove oil was used for help with toothaches. It is no surprise that we are still using it today! Clove oil has numbing properties that help you to find relief from tooth pain. By applying it to the affected tooth, you will begin to find relief. 

 Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Our skin goes through quite a bit in the winter time and clove essential oil can help to make it look and feel better. If you fight with acne during the winter, using clove oil will help you to find the relief that you need. By mixing coconut oil with clove oil and applying it to your skin once a week, you will start to notice that your skin is clearing up and feeling much better. If you don't see some results, try to use this mixture twice a week for faster results. 

Clove essential oil may smell like the holidays, but the amount of benefits it has is quite grand! By adding clove oil into your daily routines, you will start to notice some real changes and you will begin to find relief pretty quickly!


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