3 Great Ways to Use Nutmeg in Winter

Do you need some good cheer? Why not try adding nutmeg oil into your winter routine? Nutmeg has been used at the holidays for hundreds of years and now nutmeg essential oil can be added to your life to make you feel better! Who would have thought that this great smelling treat could make you feel better? It's true! Here are three great ways to use nutmeg in the winter months. 

 Bye Bye Pains

During the winter months, our bodies do go through a lot. Winter brings us a lot of aches and pains. Some of our bodies have suffered from broken bones and sprains, and when the weather starts to change, we can feel it. This is a great reason to have nutmeg essential oil around. With nutmeg essential oil, you can start to feel some relief from these aches and pains. When nutmeg essential oil is mixed with your favorite carrier oil, it can help to reduce inflammation of your muscles and joints. This is why many people love to use it for arthritis. It can also help you to find some relief from swelling of your joints during the cold winter months. 

 Get Some Sleep

Many of us get very stressed and anxious during the winter months. It could be the holidays, it could be stress of work, or it could be the stress of the weather changing. Whatever is causing your insomnia, let nutmeg help you! Nutmeg has many chemicals in it that can help you relax and rest easier at night. Simply by diffusing nutmeg essential oil, you can inhale it and begin to feel much calmer. Because you can also eat nutmeg, having it as part of your late night meal can help you to relax and find some rest. 

Eat What You Want

 We all love to eat in winter time, for most of us, it makes us feel better about facing each day. If your stomach starts to act a little funny after you have indulged too much, it is time for you to add some nutmeg into your life. Nutmeg works a lot like ginger because it can aid in your digestion. This is why a lot of people add it to their favorite recipes. 

If you need any reasons to try nutmeg essential oil, here are a few. Nutmeg essential oil has great benefits that can help you to feel great during the cold, winter months. 


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