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3 Essential Oils to Beat Your Hangover

It's the new year and more and more of us are having parties and enjoying the company of our friends. This means that we may be having large amounts of alcohol when we see each other. What does that mean? Hangovers are bound to happen when we all get together and share memories and make new ones. That it is why it is important to know the essential oils that you can use to find relief from hangovers.

When The Headaches Hit

One of the worst parts about having a hangover is the horrible headaches that it can cause. When we wake up with the hangover headache, most of us just go back to bed, but what if you can't? If work calls and you have to get out of bed, instead of taking pain killers, you can try essential oils. For splitting headaches, we love eucalyptus oil. Because it is an expectorant, it helps to get the toxins out of your body that are causing your hangover. 

There are other aches and pains of a hangover. Generally, once the headache hits, the nausea comes right behind it. Ginger oil is our favorite when it comes to taming your tummy troubles. You can inhale ginger essential oil or you can apply a few drops on your pressure points. Your head and stomach will start feeling better in no time at all. 

Need An Energy Boost?

 With every hangover, there comes the lack of energy and motivation to do anything at all. That is where your essential oils can come into play. Our favorite oils for energy are citrus oils. These oils have such a sweet and potent scent that they can wake you right up. Orange oil is one of the best to give you that extra boost that you need to wake up! 

Hangovers will happen and it is important to know the natural ways to get rid of them. These oils can help you to feel much better the next time that you wake up with a hangover. 

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